Unleash Your

Inner Florist

A self paced design experience that will brighten up you home, add nature and beauty to your daily life, and make the world think you have a professional florist on staff.

(without ever having any past floral design experience.)

✔️ You don't have to be a pro to make a pro quality flower arrangements.

→ It's not you.... It's the not knowing the steps it takes to make the design... and you are not alone. (I can help with that!)

✔️ You have easier access to floral knowledge, supplies and resources without having to be a professional florist.

Centerpieces Simplified brings the floral resources and knowledge to you so you can spend your time playing with flowers instead of hunting for answers.

✔️ You can have fresh flower arrangements at home anytime you want.

→ With new tutorials inside Centerpieces Simplified every month, it's easier for you to have fresh flower designs all year long.

✔️ You have your own me time and freedom to be creative.

→ Making flower arrangements can give you a sense of peace and joy (always a must during me time) while allowing you to play around with the materials you have.

✔️ You are not alone when making flower arrangements.

→ A private Facebook community only for Centerpiece Simplified members makes it easy to ask questions and get personalized help while designing.

Access New Designs Monthly

Login to Teachable to access the library of floral design tutorials as they are added every month

Create Your Arrangements

Pick out the design tutorials you would like to follow to create your flower arrangement

Enjoy Your Flowers

Enjoy your flower arrangement at home, show it off to friends or in the private Facebook group. You can even try another design until the new monthly tutorials are added.


Check back every month for updates to the membership and more design tutorials.

Ongoing Support

Unlike some memberships, you will get support while making your designs. You can ask questions in the exclusive Facebook group or via email to get some extra help making your designs.

Input on Monthly Designs

You can help decide what design tutorials are created each month. While I will have ideas for the monthly designs, I will ask for member input to make sure you are getting the tutorials for the designs you want to make.

Simple Instructions

with Pictures

If you anything like me, you love having the ability to not only be shown the easy steps with pictures but also be able to refer back to them again and again. It's seriously the best way to learn (and the way I love to teach). So all the tutorials have several pictures to further explain the steps.

Extra Pro Tips

Throughout the tutorials, you will find sections called Pro Tips. These are extra little nuggets of floral knowledge that will help you even more while designing. Pro Tips are things like: how to do the Measure and Cut Method, alternatives to stem placement, and ways to get the most out of your flowers.

Learn from a

Certified Florist

As a certified florist, I have gone through hours of training and thousands of dollars to learn how to make floral arrangements. I have also spent years selling arrangements to the public. All that floral knowledge I am passing on to you in less time and money.

A Full Year of Flower Tutorials

Every month new seasonal tutorials will be added to the membership. Each tutorial comes with 12+ pages jammed packed with:

  • Design Color Palette - know what colors work well together in the design
  • Arrangement Recipe - take the guess work out of how many flowers to get
  • Design Steps - simple break down of how to make the arrangement, complete with pictures
  • Pro Tips - extra floral tidbits to help you design even better
  • Design Notes - even more info about how the design was created + vase life of the design
  • Design Inspiration - learn the story behind the design to help you find your own inspiration

Bonus Materials + Facebook Group

Extra ways to make designing easier and your arrangements even better.

  • Finding Flowers - making it easier to find the flowers your need for your designs
  • Simple Supplies - taking the guess work out of the basic supplies you need to start designing
  • DIY Designs - a mini course that takes you from your own ideas to finished designs
  • Private Facebook Group - get some extra support with your designs when you need it

Access to Free Updates

As more material is added, all updates are included in the membership. Some items that are coming in the near future...

  • Video Tutorials - even more ways to experience the tutorials and make your arrangements
  • Ultimate Supply Checklist - a more compressive list of supplies that are helpful while making floral designs
  • Quick Guide to Cleaning & Processing Flowers - get the most out of your flowers right from the start
  • and Much More!!

The Membership Materials Inside Teachable

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  Extra Info about Flowers & Supplies
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  🎃 October
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  🦃 November
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  🎄 Christmas/December
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  ❤️ February/Valentine's Day
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  BONUS: DIY Designs
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does $97/year include?

All the seasonal tutorials + recipes that are added each month. Instant access to all the bonus content already on the platform. A private Facebook community to show your creations, get help and ask questions. Plus, any updates and additions to the material.

How long will I have access to the material after I purchase?

You'll have access for 1 year and will automatically be renewed for the following year.

How do I access the materials for the membership?

Once you purchase, you will be sent a confirmation email that allows you to confirm your account. Once you're in, you will have access to each tutorial. Everything will be available inside the Teachable platform!

Are there any money-back guarantees or refunds?

No, sorry. Due to the digital nature of this product, we cannot offer any refunds and all sales are final. You can cancel your subscription to the membership at any time but will lose access to any new materials and the private community.

What tutorials will be a part of the membership?

All the monthly tutorials are a part of the annual membership. They will be specific to each season or month that they are released. I will ask for design input for Centerpiece Simplified members to make sure you are getting tutorials for designs you want to make.

Where do I get the flowers and supplies for the designs?

Each tutorial has specifics on what flowers and supplies are needed to complete the design. Plus, there are several bonus checklists and guides about where to find flowers and supplies.

Meet Jenny the Florist & Founder behind Centerpieces Simplified

After becoming a certified florist, I spent 8 years designing at a local high volume grocery store where customers were amazed at how easily I could pick out flowers and a vase and make something pretty.

I believe anyone can make a simple flower arrangement but my position didn't allow me to show customers how to make arrangements for themselves.

Center Petals was born in 2018 out of the desire to take the frustration, confusion and loneliness out of floral design.

Center Petals is all about helping fresh flower lovers find their inner florist and make arrangements with ease.

Center Petals is about bringing the resources and floral knowledge to you without feeling like you have to be a professional florist.

Center Petals is about having a safe space to ask for help, learn and grow your skills so you don't feel alone when designing.

These beliefs, passion and love for design has led me to create the easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorials in the annual membership called Centerpieces Simplified; where you can create your own monthly, fresh flower arrangements without needing to be a florist or spending hours trying to figure it out.

Can't wait to see what your create!

Join Centerpieces Simplified Today!